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This page shows the programme of CAS and local astronomy events. You can include this CAS calendar in your personal Google calendar so you can be notified of updates and changes.

The BAA have a calendar showing night sky events and meetings.

Please check the recorded message on our Kenley Observatory telephone 020 8668 9642 for details of when the observatory will be open and information on the next lecture meeting.


You can embed the CAS Calendar into your personal Google Calendar by searching the list of Google Calendars for 'Croydon Astronomical Society'. In doing this you can also set the notifications so you get an email or a SMS text message when the calendar changes or new events are added.

Please suggest additional items, corrections or comments to the CAS webmaster.

If you wish to contact us by telephone please call our observatory telephone on 020 8668 9642 where you can leave a message and we will contact you soon.


Kenley Observatory Opening

Our observatory at Kenley is now closed to the public until early September, due to the skies not being dark until late.

Note that there is no heating at the observatory so please dress warmly. The closest parking is at the WW2 memorial on Hayes Lane about 300 metres south of Waterhouse Lane.

Summer BBQ/Picnic and Solar Day, Sunday 24th Aug 2014

Our annual BBQ/Picnic will be held on the above date at our Kenley observatory. It will be combined with a solar observing day. Members and guests only. The expected weather is dry, light winds and some sunshine. It's unlikely to be as warm as in previous weeks, but the light wind means it won't feel cold.

This is a regular event and the usual format is for the society to provide the bread, soft drinks, salad, BBQ grill and hot water, with members bringing any other food and drink they wish, such as burgers to cook on the stove. We have found this format to be safe, and convenient if we have bad weather.

The solar observing will start from midday and the grill will be lit around late afternoon. The event will continue up to dark and will extend into night-time observing if clear.

As well as the usual white light telescopes we will have at least two Hydrogen-alpha (Ha) telescopes, capable of seeing prominences, the chromosphere and activity on the solar disc itself. We'll also have a Calcium K-line telescope to see the Sun in the violet.

This will be a good opportunity to bring along any telescopes and between the knowledgeable members we'll be pleased to devote some time to advise with setup etc to some extent.

Facilities: Wi-Fi Internet access, and a portable type camping toilet, located privately in a separate room it is very easy to use.

Parking is on the nearby road, details here.

Eligibility: Members and guests. Members are anyone who at one time filled out a membership form, even if not current in the last year. Guests fall into two categories: i) partners and family of members; ii) those who have attended our meetings at the school though not having filled in a membership form. It is not a public event and not open to visitors.

All events are subject to unforeseen circumstances, which includes the weather, and therefore a late moment decision will be made if there is any cancellation, which people should watch out for. At the moment there are no issues pending and the weather is unlikely to be off-putting.

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