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Croydon Astronomical Society is based in Croydon, just a few miles south of London. We hold public talks approximately every two weeks during school term time and aim to open our observatory to the public every Saturday evening.   The society was founded in 1956 and operates through the donation of time from its members and donations of money from its members and visitors.   If astronomy is your thing, please consider joining us as a member.  

Public opening of the Observatory

Saturday 22nd January


Cloudy skies this evening mean we can’t open.

Frustratingly we had last week nights with clear skies. But they are not coinciding with our Saturday openings.

For early risers, if it is clear, look for the bright Planet Venus low in the sky to the right of where the Sun will rise.

Next possible opening (depending on the weather) 29th Jan.

We have an observatory near Kenley aerodrome which we aim to open to the public each Saturday evening. Whether we can open depends on the weather (and availability of volunteers).  We can't open if it is wet, windy or cloudy.  As the weather is often quite changeable we sometimes can't make the final decision about whether we can open until mid-afternoon on Saturday.  We post messages on our Facebook page  and our answerphone (07719 339336).

We also post our decision here.  Please check before you set off to visit us.

Public talks

We have re-started our talks and the next one will be Friday 4th February 2022

The Society holds public talks in the Sandison Room at Trinity School, Shirley Road, Croydon CR9 7AT. Open to all, there is a suggested donation of £3 to cover the costs of the venue. Refreshments are available in the break.

Why we're here

Our objectives are to advance education in the science of astronomy and related subjects for the public benefit in Croydon and the surrounding area by:


  • encouraging a popular interest in astronomy and allied subjects;

  • helping beginners, irrespective of their age, to acquire a knowledge of astronomy and allied subjects; and

  • providing facilities for practical work and active participation in astronomical observation.

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